Witherstone Trilogy

“Witherstone is a really outstanding read – good old-fashioned storytelling, in the very best sense; engaging and gripping as only the most skilfull writing can be.” Gordon Askew.

Witherstone is the first in a series of three novels, and tells the story of Hephzibah Creswell, an ordinary girl from a farm-labouring family in 17th Century England, who discovers that she and her family have a mysterious and deadly enemy.

As the Plague sweeps through the village of Witherstone, Hephzibah (known to most people as Eppie) acts to try to save the life of her sister Catherine, but her decision leads to devastating consequences for her whole family.

A sinister and gripping tale of mysterious enemies with murderous intentions, Witherstone is situated in the years following the English Civil Wars in a society riddled with social inequality, religious turmoil and fears of witchcraft. And where a girl is fighting to save her family.


“One of the most exciting books – ever! I really loved it and can’t wait for the next one to come out.” Hattie, 14, Lancashire.

“A gripping read … I couldn’t put it down.” Chris, 47, Lancashire.

loved this … It’s an enormously tense story … knowing there are more I’m gagging to see what happens next!” Sian, Manchester.


Witherstone and the second book in the series, The Hunt Begins, are available in paperback, and for Kindle and iPad, at www.amazon.com and www.amazon.co.uk and are in the real world at Waterstones, Preston and Broadhursts Books in Southport!


To find out more about the Witherstone trilogy, go to Ribblebabel .


Original illustration ©H. C. C. Brunning    

Photo of crow courtesy & ©Darren Chapman of www.nottsbirders.net . 

Other pictures and the banner design ©J. A. Brunning.



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